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Household Freebies and Coupons

Glade: Warm up to Glade with free samples.

Mindfield: Mindfield has teamed up with Samís Club to give people the amazing opportunity to test out free products and get involved in some high value surveys.

New testing product - Sanex Deodorant Stick: Sign up for Toluna, confirm your email, login and click on Rewards/Test Products.

Artisans Gone Green: We will be happy to send you a free shaving of the goat milk soap - not a full soap bar.

Grandma's Lye Soap: Free Sample of Grandma's Lye Soap. For a free sample message us with your email & physical address.

Nikwax BaseFresh: Free sample Of BaseFresh is the deodorizing conditioner for technical underwear, wicking clothing and base layers for outdoor activities.

Freezer Labels: Free full-color digital printing on freezer labels stock and also a diverse stock of print-yourself blank freezer labels. Get a sample pack delivered right to your door.

Whiting & Davis: Free samples of Whiting & Davis metal mesh fabrics.

PURELL Loyalty Program: Turn Points into Prizes. You can choose from coupons, gift cards, PURELL products and more.

Elite Xpressions: G-Floor Free Sample Request.

Mre-Depot: Free Emergency Purified Drinking Water packet.

Chicago Fabric Yarn & Button Sales: Free Le Blanc Linen Wash Sample.

Guardian Mite Spray: Free Guardian Mite Spray Sample.

doTerra: Free Samples Of doTerra Essential Oils.

Tulip: Free Toothbrush and Toothpaste for referring Friends.

Credit Sesame: Never pay a cent. Check your free credit score and report anytime. Get free personalized advice based on your credit. Monitor your score with free credit and fraud alerts.

Home Scan: You will be mailed a handheld scanner or granted access to use our APP. Then, you'll use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all products you purchase during any shopping trip you or someone in your household makes. You're awarded points for each week you participate on the panel and the longer you participate the higher the point value you receive. You'll also earn entries into a variety of sweepstakes that are held weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The quarterly Grand Prize drawing is worth $20,000!

Free Easy Closets Sample Kit: Call 1-800-910-0129 to request your kit. Includes 14 material samples and brochure.

Goddess Garden Organics: Free Aroma Organic Persona Essential Oil Starter Kit For Referring Friends.

Magic: Try a FREE 3 ounce sample bottle of Magic with no strings attached. Free Shipping.

Healthy Pools: Order Your Free Pool Test Kit.

Zest: Free 10oz. Zest fruitboost shower gel.

FREE accessory from The Swag Society: Get a FREE accessory for the outfit polish you crave when you sign up to receive email updates. A scarf, earrings, bracelet, necklace, who knows!

Cottonelle: Free sample of Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths.

Shower Fresh Samples: Get discounts, freebies and a $20 bonus from GetPaidtoTry. Immediately secure your FREE registration via the email we send you instantly KPI.

Sleeve Right: Free Sample of Sleeve Right Coffee Cup Sleeves.

Blueray Promotions: Will mail you a FREE Blue Ray Promotions can koozie.

Eastern Adhesives: Free Adhesive tape samples.

Glad to Give: Free Glad Special Edition Yellow Trash Bags.

Tide: Tide Free Samples.

Spider Identification Chart: FREE Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures.

Kresto: World's best hand cleaner. Free samples are available.

Mommy and Me: The most important things a mom needs is totally free.

USPS: Free Shipping Supplies and actual boxes.

3D Glasses: Free 3D Glasses in Black or White.

Glade: Free samples on all Glade products.

Nikwax BaseFresh: Free sample of Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather.

Smart White Cleaning: Free Universal screen cleaner sample.

National Pens: Flashlight Pen, or Laser Engraved Paragon Pen.

Concentrate 128: Receive a free sample of this biodegradable cleaner.